All reservations must be guaranteed by a valid credit card number and expiry date at the time of booking. Credit card numbers will not be charged prior to arrival*; it will only be used to secure the reservation. A credit card pre-authorization or cash/debit payment for the room will be required upon check-in.

*If you have booked a package or made a reservation during a peak season where a deposit is required, we will charge your credit card number in accordance with the package/reservation conditions.

Guaranteed reservations must be cancelled in advance to avoid charges on your credit card. The cancellation deadlines are based on the season when your reservation is booked and are listed below:

Winter Season (December 1st – March 31st)

  • Regular weekday (Sunday – Thursday) reservation not during peak times: Before 4 pm and 48 hours prior to day of arrival.
  • All Weekends, Spring Break, Mid-Winter Break: 2 weeks notice of a cancellation and a 20% non-refundable deposit. Any cancellations made between the 2 week deadline and the day of arrival will be billed for any portion up to the entire amount of the reservation which is unsellable.
  • Christmas Break: Require 1 month’s notice of a cancellation and a 20% non-refundable deposit. Any cancellations made between the 1 month deadline and the day of arrival will be billed for any portion up to the entire amount of the reservation which is unsellable.

Spring, Summer, Fall Season (April 1st – November 30th)

  • Regular weekday (Sunday – Thursday) reservation: Before 4 pm on your day of arrival.
  • Weekends (Friday & Saturday nights): Before 4 pm and 48 hours prior to your day of arrival.

The Russell Inn collects information for waiting lists on any days that we are sold out. When we receive cancellations, we make every possible effort (with the time frame we have to work with) to re-sell these cancelled rooms. The more time we have to sell them, the better chances of us being able to do so. If you have made a late cancellation and are waiting to see if your room was resold to determine what charges you are responsible for, the front desk attendant can contact you once/if your room has been re-sold and what the charges will be.

If adverse weather results in road closures that prevent you from getting here; or the lifts at Asessippi do not open due to extreme weather (for skiing reservations only), we will consider these circumstances and reverse late cancellation room charges (however, the 20% deposit remains non refundable. In these instances only, the non refundable deposit can be applied to a future reservation as long as it is reserved and exhausted during the same ski season.)

*Package cancellations are subject to the same policies as above based on the date they are booked for.*

Check-in time is any time after 3:00 PM (summer) 4:00 PM (winter), and check-out time is 11:00 AM. An early check-in time and/or a late check out can be requested by calling the hotel directly, and speaking with a Front Desk Attendant. Early check-in times and/or check-out extensions will only be granted during slow periods when it does not affect other guests coming in that day.

The Russell Inn will charge one night's room and taxes for each room reserved to the credit card on file at the booked rate for any reservations that fail to check-in to the hotel on the scheduled arrival date, and have not been cancelled/changed by the guest according to their cancellation policy. If you can provide a cancellation number issued by the hotel, we will reverse the charges.

You must be 18 years of age or older to rent a room at The Russell Inn. Children who are 17 years of age and under stay free in a parent’s, grand parent’s, or guardian’s room. If the parents, grandparents or guardian is not in attendance, all room occupants must be 18 years of age or older. The Russell Inn reserves the right to ask for photo I.D. to verify the room occupant's ages upon check-in.

The Russell Inn accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners/Enroute. Upon check-in at the hotel, a pre-authorization will be put on your credit card for the total room and taxes, plus a deposit amount (this is not a charge, only a pre-authorization). You will be required to stop at the front desk upon checkout to verify your room charges, and sign your final credit card receipt.

If you wish to have your credit card charged for a guests stay, and the physical credit card will not be with the guest upon check-in; we require a "Credit Card Authorization Form" to be filled out and faxed, mailed, or dropped off at the hotel prior to the guests arrival. This form can be obtained from our hotel or can be a declaration that is signed and dated by the card holder. We will also require a photocopy of the front a back of the physical credit card. [Note: Hotel guests utilizing the room must be at least 18 years of age]

The Russell Inn requires a valid credit card of the person occupying the guest room for the duration of the hotel stay. Cash/Travelers Cheque can be utilized to pay for guest room & hotel fees at time of check-out; however, a valid credit card IS REQUIRED at time of check-in for the person occupying the guest room. A pre-authorization will be put on the credit card for the total room and taxes, plus a deposit amount (this is not a charge, only a pre-authorization). The Russell Inn will only accept guests without the presentation of a valid credit card at check-in if a cash deposit is made that is equal to double of what the room charges would be at check out. The surplus deposit will be refunded to the guest upon check out. With cash only, there is absolutely no long distance phone service or other charging allowed.
Exceptions to the above rule are granted if advance arrangements have been made directly with hotel management or a valid credit card authorization as per Third Party Credit Arrangement has been fulfilled.

The Russell Inn does not accept personal cheques for payment of a guest room. The Russell Inn will accept a company cheque for payment upon departure from the hotel however; a credit card number, and/or photo I.D. will be required. Any cheques returned as Non-Sufficient Funds are subject to a fee of $30.00.

When the room you are reserving is to be invoiced to a company, The Russell Inn must have either an existing account set up with the company, or a Credit Application must be filled out in order to have an account set up. Please call our front desk toll free at 1-800-665-0678 and we can fax you this form. It takes a maximum of 2 business days for this account to be set up. We will contact you with your account number when set up has been completed.

Out of respect for our individual guests, The Russell Inn enforces a "quiet-time" policy at our hotels between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. This covers our hallways (no running in hallways or excessive noise) and guest rooms (no loud activities, loud noise from TV or other appliances). Guests who do not observe our "quiet-time policy" may be asked to leave or denied guest room reservations. Should a guest room be asked to leave the hotel, the cost of the guest room and deposit will not be refunded to the evicted guests.

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