Staff Benefits:

  • Pop, regular coffee and juice are free (on duty)
  • Other beverages and food on duty 50% off
  • Other beverages, food, pub, c-store off duty 20% off (exclusions)
  • Daily staff specials
  • Pension programs
  • Life Insurance - $25,000
  • A.D. & D. $25,000
  • Long term disability - to age 65
  • Extended health benefits
  • Dental program
  • Staff receive $0.05 off per liter of gas
  • Full time staff receive a staff pass at
    Asessippi Resort (some restrictions apply)

Eligibility for Health, Dental and Pension Programs

  1. An employee is eligible for the extensive health benefits, dental program and a 2% pension program after 2 years or 1 year.
    Two Years
    All employees are eligible for these benefits after two years of employment.
    One Year
    Certification programs are available for most positions (In house or correspondence)
    If an employee becomes certified within one year of employment, then these benefits will start after one year of employment. 
    Certification courses are paid for by the Russell Inn if you pass.  If you do not pass or do not complete the course then the employee pays.

  2. A supervisor or manager is eligible for the extensive health benefits, dental program, and pension program after one year of employment.

Student Scholarship Program - new in 2002

The Russell Inn is offering a $250.00 per year scholarship fund to students for every year worked and will be paid out after completion of grade 12.  This is not a one winner contest.  Every student working at the Russell Inn receives the $250 scholarship.


  1. $250 per year for every year worked.  The student employee must work at the Russell Inn until the end of grade 12. 

  2. To be eligible for a year, the employment must commence by December 1 of that year. 

  3. If the student starts work at the Russell Inn while in grade 12, they must start by October 30th of that year and must stay until August 15th.

  4. Examples:
    Working grade 9 - 12        $250 X 4 years = $1,000
    Working grade 10-12        $250 X 3 years = $   750
    Working grade 11-12        $250 X 2 years = $   500
    Working grade 12             $250 X 1 year = $   250

  5. The students can move to different departments of the Russell Inn.  Example' a student hired at the C-store can move to another department (if available) and maintain eligibility, however, the employee must stay within that department for a minimum of three months. 

  6. Hours required.  An average of 16 - 18 hours per week.
    6.1) Average 16 - 18 hours per week during school
    6.2) Average 25 - 30 hours per week during breaks and holidays
    Time off for exams and other school events is expected and this time can be made up at a later date.

  7. If a student quits and asks to return at a later date, that year would be lost.

  8. The program is designed to have students work part time until the end of grade 12 (August 15th).  If the student leaves before the end of grade 12, no money is paid.

  9. To be eligible for a year, the employment must commence by December 1 of that year.

  10. At the end of grade 12 (August 15th) a cheque will be issued. 

  11. The student does not have to continue with secondary education to receive their funds.  If they do not attend secondary school, it will be considered a bonus. 

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